Scooter World Mallory

Quite frankly I’ve lost interest in this crap, but surprise, surprise there is an idiot who has put his name to this one, Peter Clarke note Clarke with an “e” and just the staff photographer, staff photographer, poor bastard, they are the best set of photos Scooter World has produced, if he, sorry if they had a name, they would be up for a Blue Peter Badge. Ok maybe I’m going a bit too far but they are good, take a look.

I’m not going to whinge on, much, of the few lines this “journalist” has written,
he has managed to get all of the lap times wrong;
Tom Pead did not set the fastest lap in the 150 class,
Dave Tooley did at 53.4sec 67.4mph
Neither did Andy Smith in the 125 class that honour went to Trevor Sharp on a Vespa, 54.2 sec = 66.4mph
In the up to 77cc class Colin Hart’s time was actually 58.4secs and not 59.2secs, no disrespect but how can you have a “blistering lap” on a 75cc???
As for my Class, Ray Kemps unofficial time of 72mph was still not as quick as my official time of 49.6 sec 72.7mph. What a pillock why did he not look at the Results?
Anyway my unofficial time was 81.2mph but I had to slow down because my cigarette kept going out.

Any mention of the specials class? Don’t be silly.

If you were alive back then and bought this magazine and wanted to know the results of this event then you would be unlucky, unfortunately dear old Clarke could not work out who won.
Its simple really, first passed the flag is the winner, hard to grasp for some people.

As luck would have it I DO have the results, read on.

Does anyone know what is really going on here? No, I’ll tell you, I’m no3 it’s the specials class.
22 & 68 are 225’s I’m on a 150 standard which was also in the standards class this day although not with me on it. We are battling for 2PPndPP place overall, this is what I really loved, seeing what I could do with a bike out of its class. No.62 has just been lapped. They get really pissed. See the official results at the end for all classes and lap charts.  And check the lap times to the 150 standard times! was I trying?

Ok what’s happening here? Your answers to answers next month.

Who is this? Answers to does anyone know?

There is a lot of scrap metal here.
Special thanks to Richard Arms for supplying this report.