Crystal Palace

As I have said before in “history” this event was excellent, organization, venue everything.
So you have read the report, near three pages of what? A bit of the history of the track, John Haigh photo’s excellent, as you can see my old work mate, Kevin Reilly No 74 crashed at South Tower because he was more concerned that he had not cleaned his boots that morning. 
Nick Barns in the 125 class, Brilliant ride, Chris Watson 150, again flawless so why no mention? The side car race was again very entertaining, what about all those guys?
According to Scooter World did any of this happen? The results are there, so why no write up of an event that ran like clockwork, weather was great, spectators!!!
Now for me, I’d spent some extra time setting up my bike this time round, yes it was buzzing. It may have been a bit boring as I just disappeared, in both the 200’s and the specials.

What has never been told is that Dave Cox and I, in the last specials race gave everyone else a 15 sec start to create some interest and still won.

Scooter World? W for sure but rhymes with an old film organization  who’s chairman was J. Arthur Rank!