1969 Mallory Report

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As this is being updated and simplified I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the overseas visitors to this site which in only a few months has grown to over thirty different countries from every continent.

In this section I will attempt to put right the reports of events made back in time and also a more recent article on myself. This will be updated every month or so until I run out of articles to report on.

First up this report from Scootering & Lightweights

Mallory Park Event in March 1969.


Results First

Generally this report was not bad giving an excellent out line of the conditions the competitors faced,
But: - see 200cc Class.

If I were Mike Clark, I would be furious; Mike was an accomplished rider, probably very underrated. Very good at rallies, rough ride especially. The report as you can see says that I lead from start to finish, not true.

The weather conditions as reported were horrendous; a great leveller, there was only one racing line around all of the bends. One excursion off line would have meant you were on your back side.

Mike Clark got away first and I could not get by him, yes I could have gone faster than him but I could not overtake him around any of the bends, neither could I accelerate faster than him coming out of them, very frustrating.

This went on lap after lap, sure I eventually got past, and it was repeated in the second race but overtook him a lot quicker that time. I feel sorry for Mike; these reports are also for scooterists who were not there.
You can imagine Mike describing what happened to his club mates at Greenford, and then they read this.
“Hello Mike what planet are you on”!

Am I right? Does anyone remember this?

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