1969 Cadwell Report


As Promised another scintillating track report this time from good old Scooter World.

First I’d like to thank Vincent Mercier from France who kindly supplied me with a copy of this report. Also if anyone else has any track reports from 1968 – 1971 Jet Set, Scooter World, Club & Circuit or what ever I would like to here from you.

Before I start I would just like to make it quite clear that any of my remarks are not meant to be derogatory in any way what so ever to the competitors of this event. Everyone else is fair game.

So here we are, Lambretta Club of Great Britain Event at Cadwell Park 1st June 1969
Yes Lambretta Club GB used to organize events not beer trips, opps should I have mentioned that?
Yes bollocks, it’s my web site I can say what I like.

The thing is no problem with beer trips just organize them at an EVENT to bring in the spectators.

Enough of that it’s another super duper exhilarating  4 page scorcher from my dear friends at Scooter World, considering how many track events there were that year I cannot wait to read this, you know, all the excitement of revving two stroke engines, the smell of Castrol R, burnt out clutches.

The description of the duals, all the heavy weights doing battle, panel bashing, hairy overtaking manoeuvres, seized engines going into bends ending in a broken pile with the ambulance coming out, blood all over the track.

Well there’s none of that, if I were you, you would be better off going to buy the latest Enid Blyton,
Ok so she died in 1968, just shows how interesting this is going to be.
Or just go to info@supertune.co , time better spent buying yourself a decent bike or tuned engine
But if you are glutton for punishment just scroll down for the next 5 miles and read on. Don’t get too excited now.

No sooner has our man, sorry it’s my assumption that it’s a man writing, greeted us to Cadwell Park in the first paragraph he tells us about the end! That’s ominous.
 Boy does he have a way with words; Peter Davis “startlingly labelled ‘Suzuki’, for the uninitiated he was wearing a Suzuki jacket not Lambretta. “smiling an efficient way around the runs” What the kin hell is that all about?
I have a funny feeling about this guy.
I will not go into the points system, it’s pointless, Ha Ha.

He obviously has a problem with girls wearing mini skirts and the fact that John Ronald was sitting quietly alone on a Lambretta called Norman! Bob Leedham, yes he’s back, “by contrast was ebullient” for those of you who did not get a dictionary last Christmas it means exuberant.
“extrovert, full of gay talk” I knew it all along. “they come in all shapes and sizes” Yes that’s it Woofters,
they’re both bloody shirt lifters. 

As to the results, well they are there for you to see.
I would just like to congratulate the guy who came second in the specials class on a fantastic ride.

Sorry Bob Leedham, seriously are you a member of the Shakespearean Club if so which one The Royal? Or The Lambretta, well  my point is who gives a shit, the reason you rode at this event as everyone will find out is that you got more publicity out of Scooter World than you would have done on TV. Everyone must know Digby Knott?? wasn’t he in Rising Damp, oh no it was Rigsby, or is he a transvestite.
So many personalities I cannot keep up.

Lucky photo, I’d already passed out of shot, otherwise this would not have made it in.
D.V. Mansfield, sorry I do not get this, after making six laps per session did he finish by pushing it up this hill? Well that is interesting.

Bill Smith on his SX200 Special!, sorry I’m not that well up on Lambrettas but correct me if I’m wrong but I thought that SX 200 was Special X200. But then again I did not write for Scooter World and James Murray, what a lucky bastard going to Northern France, well no he should have been going to the Isle of Man scooter week at the end of the month. Mind you they probably did not even speak to him, they thought he was Scottish but was in fact pissed and came from Louth just down the road and was in deed going to the Isle of Man for a top up.
Just to confirm, none of these were in the regularity trial.

Mike Dawson who was to be the 150cc Champion the following season just in front of Alan Crickmore.

Paul Chamber really nice guy, good rider, had a near fatal accident on the Tour of Britain in 1968.

Sorry do not know what this idiot is going on about Nev here. Does anyone know?

“Ann Weir got off to a bad start” yes she still had her knickers around her ankles after scrutineering. Mick Dawson and Nick Barnes are about to Lap her, should I rephrase that.

New record for steadiness, steadiness what’s that all about, Pratt.

Now this is a photo, best of the lot John Forster, brilliant, but why not explain what happened,
Oh silly me I’ll phone him.


Are, dear Bob Leedham in the lead, but did you know he was very proud of his chin guard?
No, not many people knew that.
“Every other Lambretta grounded their silencer going round this corner”,
That’s surprising, as it was a Lambretta event, did they not know that?
It’s about as interesting as Bob Leedham chin protector,
“To protect or not protect that is the question”
Get it? Get it? Shakespearean Lambretta Club Get it. No I don’t either.

Now this is interesting, No 100 R. J. Bradford keeping pace with Nev Frost on his 125 Vega.
What this dick head has omitted is that R. Bradford is on a 225 and I still do not understand why Nevs in the specials. Sorry cannot be bothered to comment more on this crap.