Past Legends

Past Legends R.I.P

Bob Melling
Bob what can I say, you were passionate about Lambrettas and Manchester Lyons, if I had to describe what a scooterist should be, it would have to be you.
Ready to help any one, playing practical jokes, always happy and a real friend.
So many people miss you Bob and I will never forget that last day when I last saw you in hospital

Pete Mullinder

Pete was in my very first event at Brands Hatch in 1966 in the 175 class, he came 5th & I was 6th! I have to admit I did not know Pete that well, but what I can say is that he was a really genuine person, great competitor, approachable and gave a lot to the sport and to his Club. Total respect Pete.

Doug May

Douggie, its been a long time since we worked together, always getting up late to get to Roy’s to open up, driving on two wheels to get there in time. But we were in the famous Roy’s of Hornchurch Mini Pickup at the time! Sorry Roy.
We had some laughs back then and it’s a shame we did not keep in touch more.
Take it easy Doug.

Les Rafferty
Les we never really got to know each other properly, you were a quite man and so was I, not a good mix. The problem was I did not think I was that good, the fact was neither was anyone else. It was a shame you bought the bike that was recommended
to me, if only we had waited and had the new water cooled model, hey ho.
Without doubt we would have done well Les; you deserved it more than I did.
Your life was dedicated to two wheels, you gave a much needed kick up the back side to scooter racing when you all arrived at Mallory Park with Blue & Yellow machines, I remember it well.

Neville Frost

Probably the best all round scooterist of all time, and I include any Italians in that statement. Make not mistake no one else comes near this man. Tribute to follow.

I have had the privilege to know these great guy’s, it’s true the good do die young.