Scooter World Fulbeck

My thanks to Richard Arms the now owner of my old GP CYF 87H for lending me his copy of the November 1971 issue of Scooter World.

This is the best report on a meeting at Fulbeck this year unfortunately as per usual in typical Scooter World fashion, they do not supply the run times in the results which if you are interested in sprinting the times are the whole point. But just remember we are talking Scooter World hear, mind you if a Vespa had a half decent time you can bet your bottom dollar they would have been given a mention.

My apologizes I do not know what other competitors times were.
My own were 16.10 my fastest of the year
I let “Dickie” Doyle a young guy who worked in Roy’s shop ride my GP in the specials class.
The reason he went in the specials class, it was my condition for him to ride it, why?
Because he was less than 5 foot tall and his weight was 8 stone nothing!
His time……….16 seconds dead!!!!

Proof of the theory: - power to weight ratio works. He came second to Fred Willingham.

Read on, some good photographs of Fred Willingham one of the great scooter legends in scooter sprinting of all time.

“At Speed” ??? It’s the start, you can see I’m still in first gear!
Head down , must have been a bit keen back then.