Avanti Ex-Box

Avanti Ex-Box

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A New Generation Of "Clubman" Style Box Pipe  Has arrived...

The Avanti Ex-Box

The Ex-Box is in three parts:-

Stub Manifold ( standard or TS1)
Stainless Steel Header Pipe ( “U” Tube)
Silencer with adjustable crankcase bracket

Some of our prototype pipes have been on road test for over a three year period.

How they have been  performing can be seen in the September 2017 issue of Scootering but have been refined since then

The Retail price is  £276.00


Please state what kit it is to fit:-

Standard manifold will fit:-

Avanti TT3, Rapido, Standard Cast iron or Alloy kits, BGM, Mugello Casa 185,

TS1 Manifold 


Quattrini:- Feb ..... please reserve by sending email

Note: Mugello

Please indicate that you have a Mugello when odering

 A Bit of History

The first mass produced standard looking performance box pipe was the Orange coloured Ancilotti supplied to the trade by Nannucci followed by our own & the Arthur Francis Clubman.

We happen to know a bit about performance original box pipes. Our first Big Bore as it was known first went on sale in 1967 with a segmented one inch & three quarter (44.45 mm) "U" tube as it was not possible at the time to bend that diameter without ripples.

Ours were always known to be able to rev higher than that of our competition.
Our last version which was some nine years ago revved out to 10 k + the only one that was on the market
and able to achieve those figures at that time.

So whats new, well , we have spent quite some time on this.
It's a known fact that the Gori at this moment in time makes more BHP than any other box on the market,
but it has to use an expansion type end can to get the noise down to an acceptable level

Earlier this year we produced a pipe that makes more than the Gori but it is not the Ex-Box, it would have
meant adding an end can because of the noise. We did not see the point in that, as you might as well
just use an expansion pipe.

So we have gone against our natural ethos, it's no longer the highest revving pipe of it's type,
nether does it produce the highest BHP! So what's going on?

Easy, we listened to what customers were after, so
It's got bags of Torque, pulls from nothing, loads of mid range, gets rid of gas on high capacity engines,
so they do not over heat, noise is VERY acceptable ( so say the customers) and will still beat the opposition
on a 1/4 mile blast. Oh and purrs along very easily at 80 mph (GPS) ( if your machine is capable)
It's a No- Brainer

Made for us in collaboration with DEP Pipes Limited a renowned Moto X Exhaust Manufacturer.